Thursday, August 25, 2016

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Pickleball Shirt Color Rules Yes There is a Rule About Pickleball Shirt Colors

What Color Should I Wear Today? THE ANSWER: Any color you want. Did you know there is a rule about your pickleball clothing? There is and it’s been in place for a long time. It is Rule 2.F.1 in the IFP Rulebook. Rule 2.F.1 states very simply, very straight forwardly and without exception that a player may wear any color shirt he or she wishes to... [Read more of this review]

125x125 titan pro banner Pro-Lite TITAN Paddle: A Real Game Changer

Hey Pickleball Nation, Thought I’d share some thoughts with you about the new Pro-Lite Black Diamond Series TITAN Pro pickleball paddle.  Yes, that’s a long name.  It is simply the TITAN Pro.  And apparently is the first in a series of paddles heading to market from Pro-Lite Pickleball. In early January, Pro-Lite gave us one... [Read more of this review]

CBS logo Pickleball On TV

It’s no secret that pickleball in growing at an astronomical rate in the United States and beyond.  Now CBS Sports has caught on as they are set to broadcast the Gold medal final highlights from the recently completed US Open Pickleball Championships in Naples, Florida.  Set your video recorder for Friday May 20th at 7:00pm est or Monday May... [Read more of this review]

Rock N Roll Pickleball Shirt Rock N Roll Pickleball Launch Announced

 Get ready world.  We’ve finally launched the Rock N Roll Pickleball initiative to make the sport of pickleball available and accessible for everyone. We have partnered with well-known para-pickleball player and ambassador Adrienne Barlow to create Rock N Roll Pickleball and things are off to a great start. It is a great cause that every pickleball... [Read more of this review]

SIMON Blog Promo SIMON The Pickleball Machine: Better Than Ever

We recently received great news from SIMON inventor Michael Schwartz.  SIMON has been seriously upgraded with features that continue to make him the best heavy duty pickleball ball machine on the planet.   Here is his message to us: Dear Pickleball Rocks Team,  Based on your feedback and suggestions, we are continuing to improve and make SIMON... [Read more of this review]

The Surprise City Pickleball Courts In Danger of Losing Mecca Status

When you build a shrine to anything, there comes a certain responsibility. In the case of the city of Surprise, Arizona, the Surprise City Pickleball Courts, since opening 4 years ago,  have become somewhat of a shrine to the sport of pickleball.  But the shrine may be crumbling. The Villages of Florida is considered THE pickleball vacation spot in... [Read more of this review]

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Pickleball Tournaments

North Carolina Smash Pickleball Tournament Carolina Courts Hosts Successful 2015 North Carolina Holiday Smash Pickleball Tournament

The Second Annual North Carolina Holiday Smash Pickleball Tournament was held on... 

Pro-Lite Sports Paddle Winners Pickleball Rocks Summer Shootout 2015: And The Winners Are???

The Pickleball Rocks Team along with the Brookville Pickleball Club hosted another... 

Medals for Great Lakes Regional Pickleball Tournament 2015 USAPA Great Lakes Regional Pickleball Tournament Promises to be Huge

For the second year in a row Fort Wayne, Indiana and the Fort Wayne Pickleball Club... 

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Pickleball Rocks Player of the Month

Scott Moore and Daniel Moore 2015 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year Announced

Throughout the year, people use to tell us all about their favorite... 

Jen and Alex together 2014 Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year Announced

Choosing the Pickleball Rocks Player of the Year is always a fun project.  But the... 

Jim and Yvonne Hackenberg at 2013 Nationals 2013 Pickleball Player of the Year Announced

If you are a regular reader, you know we don’t always select the players with... 

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